Our Technology Solutions are robust enough to manage requirements for the largest automotive manufacturers and flexible and scalable enough to be a dynamic tool for small businesses.

  • Warehouse Management System
  • Transportation Management System
  • FR and Bluetooth Technology
  • Barcode scanning enabled and RFID ready

As supply chain models are continually transformed through emerging technologies, our mission is to explore, test and engage disruptive solutions that simplify, shorten and drive velocity through the supply chain.

Case Study

Wearable Technology

RGL operates an aftermarket warehouse stocking thousands of part numbers that fulfill dealer truckload orders for parts. One requirement of this operation is to attach a barcode including a unique serial number to each individual part as it is received. RGL recently deployed a wearable Bluetooth barcode scanner with a finger trigger in conjunction with a wearable printer to perform this function. This solution allows the user to detach the label from the wearable printer, attach it to the part and immediately scan the label. The time to complete this labelling and scanning activity was almost cut in half from the previous process, and also improved the ergonomics for the user.