Export Consolidation and Repack


A major provider of powertrain assemblies notified RGL that they realized a suspect quality issue of their material after RGL had repacked, processed and shipped the material.


RGL tracked each piece of the suspect material, by serial number, to specific rail yards, ports and vessels. Material was returned, repacked into production racking, and shipped back to supplier. RGL received emergency replacement material, packed into export boxes and shipped material without disruption to customer’s production.


  • Staffed Material personnel to coordinate and solve issues between suppliers and overseas customers
  • Serial number tracking of high dollar value goods
  • Expendable and export packaging sourcing
  • Container pool management
  • Rack management
  • Flexible capacity to process returned material


  • RGL is able to ship to 23 countries
  • Current capacity to ship 50-60 sea containers daily

Recently RGL took over sourcing of packaging material for the repack operation and identified a 30% cost save on the highest volume pack utilized, savings our customer millions of dollars.